Social Media for Small Businesses – video interview with Paul Sackmann (Hootsuite)

There’s a lot of questions from Small Businesses about social media. Should I use it? Why? Where to start? How to do it effectively? What are the future, trends and best strategies… Read more >>>



Creating an intrinsically motivated culture

Do you want to get the best from your employees? Do you want them to be fully engaged with your business goals? Do you want to reduce staff turnover? Have you developed a motivational… Read more >>>



Think Like A Boss!

Many sales people get to a stage in their life where they feel a certain role is beneath them, and over the years I have seen so many sales people say ‘I just want to teach sales’. What they’re really saying… Read more >>>



Of Mosquitoes, Mandela and Mahatma Ghandhi

Mosquitoes are much in the news at the moment, with the Zika virus in South America. I had cause to have a conversation with somebody this week about a mosquito. “A mighty flame followeth… Read more >>>


Richard Branson’s 7 tips for business success

Richard Branson’s 7 tips for business success

“I think that a lot of people do not have the courage to try to start a business. I’ve written a book called ‘screw it just do it’ and it basically is trying to say to people just… Read more >>>

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