Here are three top tips for success UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker shared with us after his amazing performance at The Business Show in London. Now you can read and instantly apply valuable Brad Burton’s advice in your business and life.

Brad Burton shares his top 3 tips for success

Why wait?

What are you waiting for? If you’re waiting for perfect conditions, chances are you are going be waiting a very long time as they rarely exist.

If I’d have waited to get 3 months’ worth of fall back money before starting my business 4Networking ltd, I may well have started in it 2009 instead of 2006.

Back then I was £25,000 in personal debt on daft cars, televisions I no longer owned. I had no savings, no income, a new born baby Ben and a wife that wanted me to go get a “proper job”

Hardly ideal conditions.

Guess what, 10 years on I’m still here. My family never did starve to death. Oh and that little networking business I started back then has grown somewhat and we now run over 5,000 meetings each year across the UK

So maybe the real risk in NOT making that decision you keep putting off Is that you run out of enthusiasm or… oh look a squirrel. Worse still you get to the end of your life and wish you would have.

Brad Burton advice

A mistake is only a mistake after the event. Up until that point it’s the correct decision. No one, including me ever wakes up and says, you know what I think I’m going to fuck up today! But often I do. But the only way you make progress in life, in business is by making decisions and in turn making mistakes.

An expert is someone who has made all the mistakes in a field.

Are you an expert yet?

How do you eat a pizza?

Slice by slice.

If you didn’t cut it up you’d make a right mess of the pizza and yourself. Same goes for those challenges in your life. We often just lump them all together, then when it comes to dealing with them, make a right mess in the process.

So next time you tuck into a pizza, I want you to think of how you are going to deal with the problems in your life/business. Like a Pizza, grab the meatiest one, eat that one before moving onto the next. If anyone asks who you got that method from, feel free to tell them about your secret source.

Be You.

People have said my style is radical. What’s so radical about being yourself?

I meet with 100’s of people each week. I see so many pretending, almost playing the role of what they believe the title on their card should be.

Managing Director, 5 series BMW, open neck shirt, posh shoes, golf days
Creative agency. Hipster beard and a uni-cycle.

Brad Burton tips

I’m a Managing Director, I wear jeans, trainers, tee-shirts and play PS4 games. Would me conforming as above make me any more or less effective as a business leader? Be You. Seriously Be you. It’s your life and if you’re playing it for others it’s no longer your life.

My life and business success, took a massive swing upwards when I stopped playing the conventional corporate success playbook.

Are you really brave enough to be you?

Brad Burton is the UK’s #1 Motivational Business Speaker & Author and can be found @BradBurton or www.BradBurton.Biz

We also highly recommend Brad’s best selling books:

Life. Business.: Just Got Easier

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Get Off Your Arse

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