Make your brand stand out from the crowd

Linzi Boyd - Make your brand stand out from the crowd

Knowing your brand DNA and connecting it with your personal DNA gives your business an authentic voice so that the market can understand and engage with you, your product and your service.

Without everyone truly understanding the Brand DNA, the people within the business and your potential clients struggle to understand, communicate engage, and deliver the true passion, purpose, and vision of the business.
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What is a dedicated server?

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers provide a great deal of flexibility when it comes to hosting

Choosing the right type of server is an important decision for any business, but with a wide range of different systems available, which solution best suits the needs of your business?

So far in this series of articles we’ve spent time looking at shared servers and virtual private servers, both good entry-level solutions for small businesses because of the low associated costs. Arguably, one of the greatest drawbacks of a shared hosting… Read more >>>



Are you ready for a hybrid car? Are they ready for you?

Are you ready for a hybrid car? Are they ready for you?

In my last article (Hybrids – are they just a tax dodge?), I wrote about how a plug-in hybrid vehicle (part electric and part diesel or petrol) can look great on paper for tax reasons but can end up costing a company more in fuel if not used as designed.

But there are hybrids that don’t require the change of habits needed by a plug-in as they use the brakes and combustion engine to charge the battery.
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BOB School 2-day workshop next month in London

Bob School Linzi Boyd

If you are a change maker and would like to make your brand stand out from the crowd… it’s something definitely worth your attention.

Get everybody talking about your business. Spend 2 days in London with #1 brand expert Linzi Boyd and save £463 with our special SME Business Academy discount (use our special code SME787).
This code expires on 31st of August.

You can read more about the workshop and register here:

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