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Making Moves the office relocations specialists has analysed 500 businesses to unveil the top 10 trends for the office of the future. The research shows that Table Fußball, slides and impractical furniture is the biggest no-no’s, whilst barista house coffee and bleacher style seating are on the increase. Read more >>>


Pick up drivers – get the right tax advice

Pick up drivers - get the right tax advice

I was recently approached by a company and asked if I would match a competitor’s quote for a Mitsubishi pick up truck. I refused. Not because we couldn’t couldn’t do the deal commercially but because it wasn’t a good deal for the customer and here’s why. Read more >>>


Small Change?


An outline is emerging of the possible challenges and opportunities faced by small businesses ahead of the UK’s departure from the EU. Little more than a week had passed since confirmation of the referendum result when George Osborne announced his intention to cut Corporation Tax from the current level of 20% to just 15% – having already dropped it from 28% during his six years in office. Read more >>>


Recommended Books

Brand Famous: How to Get Everyone Talking About Your Business Linzi Boyd

Brand Famous:
How to Get Everyone Talking About Your Business

Linzi Boyd

Don’t let your business fade into the background. It’s time to STAND OUT and get seen! There are so many brands out there – in all sectors – you need yours to shine above the competition. It’s time to take your brand to the next level. And that’s what Brand Famous helps you do. Whether you want to build, renovate or just refresh your brand.

Written by Linzi Boyd, a savvy entrepreneurial brand guru whose glamorous communications agency has helped elevate some of the country’s most famous high-street, consumer brands, this book outlines a winning formula for success, from idea to execution, along with hidden branding secrets, practical tips and real life examples.

Linzi maps out five stages to work through from discovering the true essence of your brand to nailing that all-important recognition. You can use the same exact tools and processes that Linzi uses with some of the country’s most famous brands.


How to Win: The Argument, the Pitch, the Job, the Race Rob Yeung








How to Win: The Argument, the Pitch, the Job, the Race
Rob Yeung

Say goodbye to feelings of inadequacy – never again will you have to look on while someone else gets that promotion you wanted, wins the pitch you went for or beats you on the playing field. Bid farewell to that sense of jealously when someone else comes out on top, or that frustration when someone argues your socks off and leaves you defeated. Now you can be the winner.

Psychologist and bestselling author Dr Rob Yeung will show you how to triumph when it really counts. How to gain the competitive advantage and come first more often. How to win arguments, negotiations, pitches, job interviews and more. Based on the latest research and proven psychological principles, Rob explains the science behind winning and how you can apply them to all facets of your life.

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