We met absolutely brilliant Human Resources experts at the last CIPD conference and exhibition in Manchester. We’ve asked them to share top HR tips with SMEs and they were more than happy to do it. Now you can read them at SME Business Academy.

In this series of articles we are sharing with you Human Resources advice from experts including Andy Sumner (Managing Director at Monster),  Lauren Wright (Director at Glassdoor for Employers – EMEA), Declan Byrne (Managing Director at One4all), Richard Atkins (Exec Vice President Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions) and Adrian McDonagh (Founder/Director at EasyWeb Recruitment).

The explosive rise of social recruiting

With 97 per cent of UK millennials on Facebook and over 500 million tweets being sent globally each day, the rise of social media is the latest catalyst for the next big change in social media. The last two to three years have seen the explosive rise of “social recruiting” or recruiting via social networks like Facebook and Twitter.

It’s only natural that recruiters tap into social media and recognise the benefits it can bring in matching the right candidate to the right job.

Large corporates have made significant investments in social recruiting, but at Monster we are seeing more and more SME’s finding a substantial proportion of the talent they need socially.

We recently conducted a survey of 5,000 candidates and found:

Over 50% will research prospective employers using social media

Nearly 40% would be reluctant to engage with an employer who has no or a poor social media presence

Clearly larger organisations have deeper pockets to invest in social media than SME’s, but it does not have to be expensive – in time or resource.  Setting up a Facebook page or Twitter handle is free and getting your job opportunities and employer message out there does not need to break the bank.

There are tools available to recruiters that utilise social media to help reach the most relevant candidates in a more personalised way than has previously been possible.  For example, we recently introduced Social Job Ads, a technology that targets relevant candidates via Twitter, distributing details of suitable jobs to candidates that are best matched to the role. As an automated process, SMEs can also benefit from time and resource which would otherwise be spent trying to reach and track relevant candidates.

Talent Bin

Social Ads

As online and offline lives continue to merge, and more and more candidates are sourced via social networks, it’s crucial SMEs identify how innovative social media tech can be part of their recruiting strategy. Thanks to technology like this, the recruitment process can become much simpler for both recruiters and candidates, connecting the right people with the right jobs.

Andrew Sumner is Managing Director at Monster UK & Ireland

Andy Sumner

Monster: www.Monster.co.uk


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