We met absolutely brilliant Human Resources experts at the last CIPD conference and exhibition in Manchester. We’ve asked them to share top HR tips with SMEs and they were more than happy to do it. Now you can read them at SME Business Academy.

In this series of articles we are sharing with you Human Resources advice from experts including Andy Sumner (Managing Director at Monster),  Lauren Wright (Director at Glassdoor for Employers – EMEA), Declan Byrne (Managing Director at One4all), Richard Atkins (Exec Vice President Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions) and Adrian McDonagh (Founder/Director at EasyWeb Recruitment).

How to attract new generation of workforce - Richard Atkins

Three tips for SMEs looking to attract talent, based on the following facts:

50% of employees will be millennials by 2020, 75% by 2025… 

Millennials average time within a company is two years…

82% of Millennials put work life balance higher priority than salary

Millennials see social collaboration as essential to business.
They spend more time on their LinkedIn profile than they do their CV.

Three tips to attract this new generation of workforce through your HR and Talent software:

  1.  Employee Engagement is key to retention, HR systems can be used to improve engagement, through Gamification, wellness monitoring (connecting your system through Fitbit or Apple Watch) and competitions.
  1.  HR systems need to be always on, always available and mobile. The new generation need to be able to access their data, manage their data and manage their employees anywhere.  They do everything from accessing their emails to accessing their bank details on their phones so why should their corporate solutions be any different? Your solution should therefore be in the Cloud.
  1.  Millennials collaborate constantly through social media, this medium should be embedded in your HR solution. The ability to collaborate with your IT solution will improve engagement and connect your employees – forums, chat, feedback and activity streams should be an integrated part of your solution. HR systems should also use social collaboration to engage external talent, so Social Sourcing taps into your employees social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook) to identify potential recruits in the external marketplace that your own employees can be prompted to refer for a reward.

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Richard Atkins is Exec Vice President Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions

Richard Atkins

Certus are Oracle University’s main provider of certified Oracle Fusion HCM courses across both the UK and Europe.

Richard’s experience of Oracle spans over 20 years, predominantly working in the HCM field, he began his career with Oracle Consulting specialising in Financials and HR, later becoming a freelance consultant specialising in Oracle HCM, and working on a number of large high profile implentations as a senior Solution Architect before becoming involved with Certus in 2010.

He has been involved in three full life cycle global implementations of Fusion spanning UK, Europe, Middle East, India, Asia and Australia covering the full suite of HCM and co-existence using their rapid implementation methodology.

Follow Richard on Twitter: https://twitter.com/richardacertus


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