We met absolutely brilliant Human Resources experts at the last CIPD conference and exhibition in Manchester. We’ve asked them to share top HR tips with SMEs and they were more than happy to do it. Now you can read them at SME Business Academy.

In this series of articles we are sharing with you Human Resources advice from experts including Andy Sumner (Managing Director at Monster),  Lauren Wright (Director at Glassdoor for Employers – EMEA), Declan Byrne (Managing Director at One4all), Richard Atkins (Exec Vice President Oracle Cloud Applications at Certus Solutions) and Adrian McDonagh (Founder/Director at EasyWeb Recruitment).

Adrian McDonagh Solve a problem know your customer and add value

Solve a problem that no one has solved or find a part of the market that is not being serviced by current providers

If you have a truly innovative mind and a good degree of luck, you might be first to market with an innovative service/product that solves an as yet unsolved problem. If you are not first to market then perhaps your entrepreneurial instincts will help you identify a market where a solution exists but not all customers are being adequately serviced. Many founders focus on the star quality of the big customers, whereas the real volume of clients for most b2b solutions can be found in the SME sector and these are often the last to be targeted.


Know your customer

What works for big companies of 1,000+ staff is unlikely to work for smaller companies of 200 or less. Your product proposition and sales & marketing strategy are likely to be vastly different when targeting SMEs. Budgets are smaller, decision times are shorter but the potential to grow your customer base and quickly is much greater.


Find as many ways as possible to add value

This applies particularly to the early part of the sales process or as we call it the “customer engagement” process. 7 years ago we chose to change up the way we engaged instead of cold calls and emails we decided to offer a selection of free online recruitment training events. For many of our customer contacts they were busy doing a generalist HR role and had little time to keep up with the fast changing online recruitment sector. So our free training offered us a chance to firstly add value to them and after we had established our knowledge and gained their trust we were able to start talking to them about our services.

Here you can find a host of free HR trainings and tips by Adrian and EasyWeb Recruitment

Adrian McDonagh is the founder of EasyWeb Recruitment.

Adrian McDonagh

An online recruitment company that provides free training, recruitment software and services to SMEs, Charities/NFPs and Large companies. Established in 2005, every year they train over 2,000 HR professionals/recruiters and manage over 4,000 vacancies. They have recently launched their own Recruitment Software aimed at the SME sector called Instant ATS (see www.instantats.com).



Follow EasyWeb Recruitment on Twitter: https://twitter.com/EasyWebRec


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