How many times have you sat there scratching your head wondering why you cant get started, or better yet, wonder why you cant move into action even though you know exactly what you should be doing.

Be honest, seriously be honest. Do you know exactly what you should be doing but for some reason just can’t muster up the energy, the desire or motivation to get started?

Let me tell you. You’re not on your own!

It’s not easy building and shaping your life the way you want to live, it takes more than just motivation and desire, discipline is paramount, but even the most disciplined individual finds it difficult to get going.

I have mentioned in many previous posts about discipline and how it trumps motivation, but what if you’re motivated, disciplined and still can’t get moving. What should you do now?

One of my previous posts discusses how we usually wait until something becomes painful before we take action to do something about it, and we can learn a lot from this painful process.

Because we know that the pain drives us into taking action, why not use this pain as your driving force before the pain occurs. Let me explain;

Say for example that you want to start taking more action towards ‘Cold Calling’, you know you should do more, you know that its needed, yet you just can’t find the willpower or the motivation to get started.

Now, this is mostly down to a number of reasons, more commonly the reasons are:

1. You don’t want to appear desperate
2. You don’t want to seem pushy
3. You don’t want the rejection
4. You don’t believe in your product

Now a simple mindset shift will help you to think about each of these reasons differently, and this can help for some, however, for others, you need to activate the pain switch.

Begin to think about the issues that will happen if you continue to put off the cold call process, think about how it will affect your life, your business, your career. Imagine all the missed opportunities, the income, the lifestyle.

Imagine how bad you will feel in 5 years time because of your lack of cold calling, what issues has it caused to your life, your relationships, your friends, your income, your business or career. Imagine looking at yourself and experience the emotion you would feel.

Now jump forward another 5 years, so 10 years in total. What has happened to your health because you constantly avoided the cold call, where is your life, your business or career, what happened to your dreams and goals? Hows your image been affected?

Now jump 20 years forward, think of everything that you have missed because you failed to get started. Think about others that did better than you, when you knew you could be much better. Look at yourself in the future mirror, your health, your body, look into your eyes. Emotionally how do you feel, you missed out, your dreams passed you by, your life wasted.

Sounds pretty bad, this is the pain you need to associate with avoiding the cold call. Use this pain as your weapon, your driving force, never let yourself go there again. Be the champion you know you’re capable of.

This associated emotional pain should become your power source to get you started, remind yourself what happens if you don’t make the call, how it will affect you in years to come.

Now jump forward five years and associate pleasure to that moment, the fact that you got started with the cold call, the pleasure that this gave you. The lifestyle it has allowed you to live, the health, the wealth, the relationships, really think about the emotional pleasure, live the moment, smile, feel, believe.

Now tag on another 5 years, then 10 more. Thinking 20 years into the future really begin to feel how unstoppable you became because you mastered the cold call, the wealth, health, family, business, career, the dreams and goals. All the things you ever wanted has been provided for you because you decided to take action and get started all those years ago.

Look at yourself and smile knowing that this silly fear, this silly worry or doubt, or uncertainty that almost derailed you 20 years ago was stupid. Smile with confidence and power!

Now back in the present moment make it your internal pledge that you will never let anything stop you doing what you want ever again, remember the pain that comes every-time you begin to doubt yourself, or feel fearful about what action you need to take. Just go out and do it, use pain as your driving force, and never go back to feeling uncertain again.

Jon Covey

Multi Award Winning Speaker & Motivational Sales/Business Mentor
Jon Covey is a multi award winning sales/trainer and serial entrepreneur based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Who specialises in self development, personal development, executive business coaching and sales training.

Covey, captivates audiences with his 'do it anyway' style, working through business issues and topics to help individuals and businesses explode productivity and sales.

For over a decade and a half Jon has been working with companies large and small. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with many business ventures under his belt and he is not afraid to tell you about the failures as well as the successes.

What you get from working with Jon is a clear concise straight to the point program that delivers an end result that you only dreamed of. With financial, work, and personal areas of your life balancing, this gives you a real sense of fulfillment in your life.

He often shares his wisdom through many media channels, which instantly turn viral with others eager to learn from his creativity and style.

You can follow Jon on twitter @Jon_Covey

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