I am just reading “Screw It, Let’s do It, Lessons in Life” by Richard Branson a quick read book which I will finish in a day and is full of good stuff including the old saying about the cow which so fits with our ethos of “take action”.

I loved the image and it sums up how some people act, expecting others to make the first move even if they will be the beneficiary. Sometimes I feel like the cow when I am trying to buy something, I’m expected to do all the work and when I get it wrong metaphorically and kick the bucket over spilling the milk then the company is annoyed and even ‘punishes’ me with additional charges even if it is just to call their helpline. A classic example has been budget airlines though they are begining to change.

I am now looking at my life and reviewing in which areas I am waiting for cows to reverse towards me – so I can take action. Have you got any cows you’re waiting for?

Bob Brown

Aspiration Achiever at inspire2aspire
My passion as an Aspiration Achiever is in seeing business owner managers make progress and succeed in achieving their goals. I do this by asking challenging questions and using my experience, both as a world class salesperson reaching the top 3% globally in my sector and also my experience in setting up, running and in selling five businesses.

I’ve been coaching for 13 years and worked with over 200 businesses in many sectors. When I work with clients I help them to achieve more, get focused and stay passionate. Our coaching is bespoke to your needs.

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