When it comes to personal branding, everyone has one, you, your friends, business associates, family etc But what is your brand saying about you?

Branding is your identity, It is who you are and how the world sees you. For a long time branding was only associated with businesses, but today everyone now has a personal brand, a digital footprint that sits in the sands of time.

The question is not about ‘if you have a personal brand, its if you are willing to cultivate it’.

I interviewed Janet Thornton today (Video to be released on my online show soon – CLICK HERE) and Janet’s brand was all about service, impeccable, unbelievable service. Janet successfully ran a recruitment business which specialized in Law, and as a result built an incredible personal brand with top law firms throughout Yorkshire.

Below I have outline 4 top tips for developing your personal brand:

No matter where you share information, be that a Facebook update, tweet, a pin… Be sure it contributes to your personal brand.

Creating your very own website is one of the best ways to start creating your personal brand, this way you can publish the topics you wish to be known for.

Your website doesn’t need to be comprehensive to start, use it like a CV, and link it back to your social profiles.

For example, Brad Burton is now known for being the UK’s No.1 motivational speaker, because its plastered all over his website. He now as a powerful brand for this subject. Check him out.

What do you want to be associated with when people think of you, is it your work ethic, your sales ability, service etc. This is based on the activity you produce.

Are you known as an expert in a specific field, what are the qualities people associate you with? You need to know how you wish your personal brand to be seen, and then you can start working on it.

For example, people know me for Sales Training, Motivation, Leadership, marketing & Social Media.

Set up Google alerts to monitor anytime your name is mentioned, you want to find out every time you pop up around the web. Every blog, comment, mention.

So to summerise, your brand is how others become to know, what they think of you, and how what they associate with. Have fun building your brand. If you would like help in this area, then please reach out to me – CLICK HERE

Jon Covey

Multi Award Winning Speaker & Motivational Sales/Business Mentor JonCovey.com
Jon Covey is a multi award winning sales/trainer and serial entrepreneur based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Who specialises in self development, personal development, executive business coaching and sales training.

Covey, captivates audiences with his 'do it anyway' style, working through business issues and topics to help individuals and businesses explode productivity and sales.

For over a decade and a half Jon has been working with companies large and small. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with many business ventures under his belt and he is not afraid to tell you about the failures as well as the successes.

What you get from working with Jon is a clear concise straight to the point program that delivers an end result that you only dreamed of. With financial, work, and personal areas of your life balancing, this gives you a real sense of fulfillment in your life.

He often shares his wisdom through many media channels, which instantly turn viral with others eager to learn from his creativity and style.

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