In my last blog (How to define your brand DNA), I talked about how most people focus their business around product, but that market leaders should always anchor their enterprises around brand.

But there are three other key areas you need to consider when designing your DNA: your gap, your game and your story. These give you the blueprint from which to build your business.


Once people recognise their true gap in the market it enables them to stand out in a crowded space.

Knowing your brand DNA and connecting it with your personal DNA gives your business an authentic voice so that the market can understand and engage with you, your product and your service.

Without everyone truly understanding the Brand DNA, the people within the business and your potential clients struggle to understand, communicate engage, and deliver the true passion, purpose and vision of the business. This is what’s required to drive the energy of the brand forward and to create a space for it to become a global market leader that leads the market rather than follows the market.

There are some key ingredients to deliver when defining the true DNA and what the essence of the brand should be in order to stand out from the crowd. They are as follows:


Connecting the Brand Ecosystem

This is how the business joins together to create one message that sits across the whole of the business.


Creating the blueprint

This not only enables the business to understands its Gap in the market and deliver the key messaging for the brand, it also enables everyone to understand the core values.


Know yourself

Everyone within the business is able to articulate what you are and most importantly what you are not, what you want to be known for and how you want to leave people feeling.


Tailor your brand for your market

If you understand that we only work with… these types of clients then you are able to engage and interact with their needs and desires based on the journey they are looking to go on.


Big game

What is the big game that you are looking to play and how do you know when you’ve got there? It is also critically important to understand how to play it both commercially and culturally.


Understand the importance of narrative

It is vital that you are able to tell the story, and that people not only understand it but believe the narrative they are being told.


Businesses are now being driven by both the passion and the purpose of the business owner and partners to drive change.

Once the Brand DNA is created the culture, foundation and revenue lines can then be leveraged to create the necessary pull in the market, so that your enterprise stands out from the crowd.

Linzi Boyd

Linzi Boyd is an International speaker, Author and Global Partner of Shirlaws Group

A serial entrepreneur, Linzi had set and up sold two businesses before the age of 24, her second company (a successful Footwear brand), which had seven global distribution channels, sold to Caterpillar after the shoes were recognised in the design Museum as design classics.

At the age of 25 Linzi was onto her third business, Surgery Group. Over its 15-year history Surgery has become renowned for influencing an industry, creating exciting projects and elevating some of the countries most famous high-street consumer brands that are well respected and known today. A business that once started out as just PR had formed into a group that BUILDS, RENOVATES and REFRESHES brands.

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