“80% of business expected to fail in their first year!” screamed the headline. There are all kinds of reasons why a start-up fails – not understanding their customer demographic is one and not advertising and marketing themselves is another.

But here’s the rub: you can spend as much or as little as you want on posters, flyers, business cards and the latest high-tech fabric printing but unless you truly understand who you are aiming your marketing at, any offline marketing tool is a costly failure.

With this in mind, take a look at some of the cost involved in offline marketing tools and whether they are an expense too far for your marketing budget…


Business Cards

A must-have offline marketing tool, say some, and possibly one of the first things a new business owner orders in giddy excitement at naming their business ready for launch.

They are ordered in bulk, usually hundreds at a time and can come in all kinds of quirky designs and shapes.

Costing mere pence per card for a basic business card to a few pounds for the higher end, glossy-finish-business-card-attached-to-a-freebie version, no matter how much or little you spend on these small bits of card unless you have a distribution strategy they are a costly mistake.

A great start to your marketing campaign but consider whether you need a business card, what its purpose is and how you will use it. In other words, don’t just order blindly because you think you need business cards.



Again, costing mere pence compared to some other tools, posters are perfect for getting your message across in a big space. With many sizes available, once designed, the process of printing high-quality posters is relatively cheap but with stunning effect.

But again, posters are only worth the money if you know when, where and how you are going to use them. In some respects, posters are one of those marketing tools that are only as powerful as the campaign of which they are part.

This doesn’t mean designing a great poster as part of a great marketing campaign is difficult. It isn’t and with posters being affordable, it is no wonder that start-ups and businesses of all kinds opt for them.

The difference comes with how they are used, sticking up a few random posters around town will not cut the mustard. Again, it is all about strategy.

Don’t get trapped by the simplicity of a poster. They take work to design, but with a great campaign behind it, the emotional connection you are trying to make with your customers will happen.


Flyers, leaflets and brochures

Again, a staple of offline marketing. Neatly advertise who you are, what you do, and get your brand out there in the public eye with a range of flyers, leaflets and brochures.

In terms of price, we are taking a significant step up from the cost of business card and posters (excluding campaign costs).

The costing of flyers, leaflets and brochures depends on;

  • Format – are they folded or stapled, for example?
  • Size – bigger isn’t always better, we know, but squishing your info onto a too-small flyer sends all the wrong messages too.
  • Design – professional design is not compulsory, but do you really have the know-how to create a stunning brochure?
  • Photography and other professional services – depending on what you are producing, free-to-the-market stock photos just don’t make the grade.

Again, to keep banging on the same drum, the actual cost of flyers, leaflets and brochures are high if you leave them sitting on a shelf, gathering dust.



The fourth product is banners, those fabulous things you see fluttering in the breeze aimed at no one in particular.

They are a worthwhile investment, especially if you create a banner that is not time-bound and printed on the highest quality vinyl.

Their versatility belies them and so, they can be the offline marketing tool that you pull out, as and when needed.

With new techniques, such as fabric printing, they can also add a little extra va-va-voom to your brand and the overall appeal of your retailing or office space.


It’s all about strategy

Many business owners tend to look at offline marketing in isolation. Consider carefully how each marketing tool adds value to your campaign. We’ve examined four popular offline marketing choices, but there are others that perform well as apart of a marketing strategy.

Which offline tools do you use and how successful and cost-effective are they?


Colour Graphics has helped thousands of customers to market their brand successfully with offline marketing tools and techniques. And they know they will be doing this for many more years to come! Connect with them on Twitter @ColourGraphics

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