Allied Landings

Allied Landings

As we observe the momentous events of 06 June 1944, it made me think about a comment made post landings by General Eisenhower, the Allied Supreme Commander. He said that “Once we landed – the plans we made for D Day were useless. The planning however was invaluable”
One of the many challenges facing the Allied Invasion of Europe was Uncertainty.

One of the many challenges of running a small business is also Uncertainty.
No-one can accurately predict the future but we can however, put ourselves in the best possible position to be able to respond to situations that previously presented themselves as a friend earlier in the process when they appeared harmless.

I was recently chatting to a business associate. I remarked on how well and how happy she looked. She explained that it was due to her having just confirmed an important sale to a company that she thought would take ages to win .I naturally asked her about how she managed it. At first she said luck – a notion I challenged as you make you’re own luck in business and indeed life.

Whatever she did was absolutely spot on! Having reflected, she said that she honestly didn’t know what or how she did it – it really just happened! That infuriated her somewhat because having happened so fast, she couldn’t recall the actions or process in order to replicate it. She managed that specific opportunity in the appropriate way to close that particular sale. By her own admission however, she cannot rely on having such good fortune every time to win business.
That example reminded me of the Conscious and Competence model (Peter Principle).

Peter Principle

Peter Principle

Sales for Non-Sales People flyer (in collab Cubet)
Reflecting on that conversation, I realised that I often speak to small and emerging businesses who are “out there doing it”. Many of them take disproportionate amounts of time to analyse what works and what doesn’t work. Often, sadly, it is the latter part of that sentence which is much more of a reality, i.e. what doesn’t work. Some-one once explained this to me as knowing “which way is up”.

So where are you with your business? Where are you in the sales process? Do you understand the difference between Unconscious Competence and Unconscious Incompetence and if you don’t, would it help if you did? Do you know which way is up?

Earlier I said that in order to combat uncertainty, we all need to prepare and put ourselves in the best position possible to overcome the challenges. An effective way that works for me is to practice and follow a fairly simple sales process, particularly if you don’t have a background in sales or if you haven’t previously been given any sales guidance.

The Sales for Non-Sales People half-day workshop run by Cubet Ltd in collaboration with Breakthrough, clearly shows you Which Way is Up and explains how to avoid the dangers of becoming complacent in your business.

All Change:

Rob Knowles

Cubet delivers results by working with people (individuals, teams) to improve.As a result, the organisation always develops and delivers improved products and services.

Acting as a Critical Friend it brings challenge enabling you andyour people to achieve clarity and increased confidence by unlocking your and their potential potential.

It enables effective change. Most recently it has provided effective improvement through people to, among others. the National Skills Academy Process Industries, Remploy, Enterprise Employment and Training CIC, Nurture for Growth and Horizon Community Development Ltd and Benchmark Training Ltd.

Cubet is currently working with Stallard Kane, B&G HR, Knapton Wright, Papini, Unload and E-Mentor and the University of Lincoln.

Amongst Cubet's successfully delivered programmes are:
Addressing Workplace Silos
Advanced Communications
Coaching & Mentoring
Competence, Development & Management
Design & Delivery of Individual, Team deevlopment Programmes
Effective Change Programmes
Generating Ideas
Innovation isn’t Rocket Science
Mindsets, Mindfulness & Resilience
Relationship Management & Development
Support for newly promoted line managers
Team Building
Team Leader Development Programmes
Understanding and Implementing Competence Systems
Understanding and Managing Risk
Understanding and Implementing and Managing Change
Understanding Managaging and Maintaining Relationships
All Change:

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