The best inventions are created by people solving problems that we all experience. Big or little solutions that will make our lives better. But before you start dreaming of making millions from your invention you need to develop it.

If you can develop how your invention is going to work, what it is made of, and it is a new invention then you may be able to protect it with a patent. A patent protects how something works. A design protects the appearance, a trademark protects the brand name, and copyright protects all the creative works.

Before you start dreaming again you need to think about whether this invention is actually new and if it is, will people want to buy?

Having a patent is not a guarantee of having a successful business. If you are confident of its commercial success then, or now, you need to keep this invention secret. As with any big investment or business idea, you should always get legal advice and it should be safe to discuss your idea with IP lawyers. They will ask you to consider how you are going to use the patent and what you will gain from it

A patent is a legal document which can provide protection of your invention for up to 20 years. So it needs to be carefully drafted if it is to be commercially valuable. You need to make sure that the protection of patent offers would help prevent copying in the markets that you’re interested in. It may be that a registered design could be a better alternative for you or you could give your invention a name, protect it with a trademark, and build up the brand and market share that way.

You can apply online through the Intellectual Property Office or you can get help from IP lawyer:





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What is intellectual property


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Is Intellectual Property important to my business?


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Should I get a trade mark?



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