“After living with their dysfunctional behaviour for so many years, people become invested in defending their dysfunctions rather than changing them”. Marshall Goldsmith

In order to prepare for the uncertainties of the future it is important that individuals have a robust approach – that they are resilient to be able to face such uncertainties.

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Mindsets are about the past. Mindfulness is about the present. Change is about the future.

In order for this to be allowed to happen, individuals must be fully aware of their mindsets and mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about general well-being, health, and mental alertness. It is critical that individuals are alert to what is happening in the environment around them so they can adapt, adjust and seize any opportunities that may arise.

Presenteeism as opposed to absenteeism is a word that has recently found its way into our vocabulary. It describes a person who is at work but not the very productive. In comedic terms – the lights are on but no one is at home.

In order to be present and mentally alert we need to understand our own mindsets. This is because it is our mindsets that determine how we feel, act and think in the present. This has a major impact on attitude, which in turn affects performance.

In an anecdotal study conducted over 120 delegates from all sectors the following words were reported back as descriptors of success. Interestingly most (85+%) of these words describe behaviour. As attitude is closely linked to behaviour,

We have all heard the phrase “if you have got the attitude I can give you the aptitude” – meaning that a persons achievements are directly connected to their motivation, desire and attitude.

A person’s attitude will definitely be linked to their ability to deal with uncertainty and change, even when we can’t invent the future.

A person’s attitude will determine how long they spend in the denial part of the Kubler Ross change curve. A person with an open mind will more readily accept change, adapting to their surroundings and moving on.

All Change:

Rob Knowles

Cubet delivers results by working with people (individuals, teams) to improve.As a result, the organisation always develops and delivers improved products and services.

Acting as a Critical Friend it brings challenge enabling you andyour people to achieve clarity and increased confidence by unlocking your and their potential potential.

It enables effective change. Most recently it has provided effective improvement through people to, among others. the National Skills Academy Process Industries, Remploy, Enterprise Employment and Training CIC, Nurture for Growth and Horizon Community Development Ltd and Benchmark Training Ltd.

Cubet is currently working with Stallard Kane, B&G HR, Knapton Wright, Papini, Unload and E-Mentor and the University of Lincoln.

Amongst Cubet's successfully delivered programmes are:
Addressing Workplace Silos
Advanced Communications
Coaching & Mentoring
Competence, Development & Management
Design & Delivery of Individual, Team deevlopment Programmes
Effective Change Programmes
Generating Ideas
Innovation isn’t Rocket Science
Mindsets, Mindfulness & Resilience
Relationship Management & Development
Support for newly promoted line managers
Team Building
Team Leader Development Programmes
Understanding and Implementing Competence Systems
Understanding and Managing Risk
Understanding and Implementing and Managing Change
Understanding Managaging and Maintaining Relationships
All Change:

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