What connotations do the words ‘teaching’ or ‘learning’ bring to mind?

  • Classroom? Desk? Chairs? White board?
  • Those who know everything and tell others what to do?
  • Those who get bored by sitting and listening?
  • Those thinking” how am I going to learn all this?”
  • Those who keep speaking even when no one is listening?
  • Those who are listening and thinking: I know the answer! I come across it every day?
  • Those who are terrified of being tested?

We all have our own connotations of what ‘teaching’ or ‘learning’ is, which are not always positive and uplifting. When we get older we encourage our offspring to learn, feeling not always so enthusiastic about learning ourselves. It happens that over ‘Years of schooling’ we have been put off learning.


Sometimes, it can be a lesson badly organised or boring. Sometimes it can be a decent teacher who thinks that their mission is to pass onto learners everything that they know but it doesn’t work. It can also be fear of speaking aloud, making a mistake or sounding silly?

WHAT CAN WE END UP WITH when teaching /learning is NOT FUN?

Perhaps learners who feel that they have been forced to attend a course. Perhaps teachers who think that they ‘spat their guts out’ while learners remained ‘uninterested, unteachable and ungrateful’. Perhaps learners who feel discouraged by the ‘mountain’ of first, what they have to learn and second, being tested on how much they actually learnt. Neither of these options sounds fun!


Our society often expects us to become experts at what we do (work wise) not only in practice but in theory. As a result, we get sent to a range of courses to brush up or top up our skills and knowledge.


How would you feel about doing a course completely relaxed, exchanging ideas with your peers, sharing what you know, listening to what others have to say and just building on it with the teacher’s assistance?

What about topping up your cistern of knowledge and understanding with new concepts that could make a difference and make you realise at the same time how much you knew in the first place.

How about interacting with each other by moving around, playing cards, games, computer quizzes, competing in teams and for a change ‘having fun when learning’?

In the end, whatever we do, it is much easier if we enjoy IT, share IT and appreciate IT.

So, Why can’t learning be one of our ‘IT’s? 

And if you want to become an effective teacher- create an environment of enjoyment, sharing and appreciation 🙂

Dale Slinger

We are a family run training company based in South Yorkshire that provides bespoke and standard accredited and non-accredited training to individuals as well as small, medium and large businesses and companies.

AD Training Solutions was created almost 10 years ago by Aga (A) and Dale (D) with the intention of delivering mainly Food Hygiene training to people working with food.

As we have always been passionate about ‘teaching and learning’, we have continuously worked on our knowledge and skills by attending a range of related courses as well as Continuous Professional Development (CPD) events. As a result, we have expended and gradually progressed to deliver: Food Safety (levels: 2, 3 & 4), HACCP (levels: 2, 3 & 4), Health and Safety (levels 2,3 & 4), VACCP (Vulnerability Assessment and Critical Control Points) TACCP (Threat Assessment Critical Control Point), Lead auditor and auditing, as well as teacher training EATS (levels 3 & 4).

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