So you’ve seen that post on LinkedIn or Facebook or similar offering a BMW M3 for £199 + VAT per month.  Well maybe not quite that car at quite that price but no doubt you’ve seen deals advertised that seem too good to be true.

So what’s the story?  Well, very often the offer is crunched in a way that minimises the headline monthly payment whilst maximising the deposit and based on an impossibly low mileage allowance.  That might suit some people but not the majority so it’s vital not to get too excited before you’ve had a consultation and a bespoke quote with realistic figures.

But there are other considerations too.  For one thing, you may not even qualify for some of the offers despite a good credit rating and cashflow.  When it comes to business contract hire, some of the major funders will not look at a business with less than two years’ trading and others need accounts to have been filed.  Another may require a certain minimum net worth which often excludes smaller companies that withdraw most of the profits as shareholder dividends.  If your company doesn’t meet these criteria then any special offers backed by these funders but offered by brokers are not on the table.  Happily there are finance companies with less strict criteria and these are just as competitive but their special offers may be different.

So how can you ensure you look at relevant deals only and don’t waste time on offers that won’t actually be offered?  Use a good, recommended broker that has access to a wide range of funders and will ask the right questions about your business and research your company before quoting and then (providing you tell the truth, of course), your quote will be appropriate and will turn smoothly into a deal.

If you’d like to know more about how leasing works and how it could work for you, please get in touch.  If you think others would be interested in this post, please share it.  

Matt Spivey

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Left the corporate world in 2013 after ten years at Vodafone and now specialising in car and van leasing with Neva Consultants.Serial networker and member of BNI Wakefield Wealthbuilders, 4Networking and The TradesHub Academy South Yorkshire.

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