Copyright gives you the right to exclusively control and exploit your creative works. It covers literature, art, music, dramatic works, sound recordings, photographs, software, databases, films, and radio and television broadcasts

Copyright lasts for the life of the Creator plus 70 years after their death. In the UK copyright exists automatically when something is written down or recorded. There is no formal registration.

It is a good idea to put the letter C in a circle at the end of your work followed by the year to show others that copyright in the work is claimed by you. In this digital age, you may also choose to apply metadata to your work to indicate that you are the copyright owner, and to let others know the date the work was created.

Businesses create and use copyright works all the time, sometimes without even knowing. If you commissioned third parties to create copyright works for your business it is really important that you agree on who will own the copyright before the work is actually created. Some businesses commissioned work only to find out that the Creator still owns the copyright meaning the business is limited in how it can use the work.

You should always check the terms and conditions and if you are unsure check with the business you’re commissioning to do the work. You won’t usually be able to use other people’s copyright works unless you have permission from the copyright owner.





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What is intellectual property


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Is Intellectual Property important to my business?


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