Today I visited the future in the guise of the Tesla Model S, an all electric plug-in 4 door saloon car with a range of 300 miles and 0-60 in 2.8 seconds,  It drives as well as a BMW 5-Series or Merc E-Class, has masses of luggage space (two boots as the batteries are underneath) and costs less than a tenner to “fill up.”

But that’s not even the half of it.  The optional autopilot facility meant I drove on the motorway without touching the steering wheel or accelerator.  It is the weirdest feeling and you constantly at first feel the need to grab the wheel but it’s completely unnecessary.  As long as there are white lanes at each side the Model S stays perfectly in position. To change lane you just gently grasp the steering wheel and indicate and the car moves smoothly into the other lane. This is perfectly legal in the UK as long as you are ready to retake control at any moment.

And that’s where the potential is really interesting.  As the technology develops and the law catches up, the ability to allow the car to drive from A to B without interaction from the driver will transform the daily commute and the economics of running a car.  Currently the Tesla is not the most expensive car to buy or lease with lease rates from £530 + VAT per month, minimal charging costs and hardly any servicing (only 18 moving parts on the whole vehicle) but it’s not an insignificant amount either.  Realise the benefits of being able to work while your car drives you though and the costs are far outweighed by the increase in productivity.  Gain an extra 10 or 15 hours a week back and a few hundred pounds per month suddenly seems very good value.

It also has a Summon facility, only usable on private land right now, but the plan is for the “driver” to be able to summon the car from the other end of the country if necessary and for it to drive itself all the way autonomously, stopping as necessary to refuel itself along the way.  Now that’s getting silly!

But that’s the future.  So who should be looking at one of these right now?  Well, pretty much anyone.  Tesla hasn’t completely eliminated range anxiety but with a range of 300 miles per full charge and a growing network of free to use supercharging points, such as at Tankersley Manor hotel in Sheffield, which can half charge the battery in 20 minutes while you have a coffee it’s not really an issue.  And, as you’d expect from an internet-connected high tech motor like this, it tells you exactly where they are and when you’ll need to stop.

In fact, this is such a practical, everyday car, that’s it’s hard to think who wouldn’t benefit from one.  It’s perhaps the ultimate head and heart car – great to drive (or be driven), fantastic image and much more cost effective than you might think.

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