IN THE LAST few years, Fitbit has become the Kleenex of the fitness-tracker market—its products are synonymous with the entire category. But the company has a certain reputation. A Fitbit, in short, is “that thing everyone wears even though it’s ugly because it makes you a better person.” That works for some people, but not for everyone and not all the time. The market is changing. Utility is not enough anymore, and the company’s latest products are beginning to chart a more fashion-forward path.
It started with the Blaze, a smartwatch-style tracker with interchangeable bands. Now comes Alta, a modular wearable designed to look more like a bracelet than, well, than a Fitbit. The $130 stainless-steel band comes in silver and (soon) gold, with black, blue, teal, or plum bands. Or, you can splurge on the genuine leather band for $60 more… Read more…


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