There are a lot of people on social media and no doubt about it. However, they’re not all on the same networks.

If you struggle to keep up with constantly changing world of social media, you can easily lose the sight of your best advocates, influencers, and advertisers in the shuffle.

Here’s a peek at the top social media networks with key audience demographics and usage characteristics including:

Facebook – most popular (1.9 billion monthly users)

YouTube – better than TV (1 billion unique monthly users)

Instagram – fastest growing (600 million unique monthly users)

Twitter – most oversaturated (317 million unique monthly users)

Pinterest – most evergreen (317 million unique monthly users)

LinkedIn – Professional B2B (106 million unique monthly users)

Reddit – User moderated mayhem (85 million unique monthly users)

Where’s your audience hiding on social media – 2017 [Infographic]

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