What are the Rules on SMS Marketing?

What are the Rules on SMS Marketing?

The act of marketing by text is covered within the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. This legislation states that organisations “must only send marketing text messages to individuals who have agreed to receive them, except where there is a clearly defined customer relationship.” Read more >>>


Exit Route – tax-saving opportunities

Exit Route – tax-saving opportunities

Entrepreneurs’ Relief offers exceptional tax-saving opportunities, but despite recent reforms, dangers lurk in the complexity.

For many business owners, Entrepreneurs’ Relief offers an exceptional opportunity to minimise tax when disposing of their company, but new rules around liquidation, introduced in April this year, mean that planning your exit now needs more care than ever. Read more >>>


People Power – person with significant control

People Power - person with significant control

New rules mean companies must disclose all individuals with significant links to their business – with strong penalties for non-compliance.

In recent years, momentum has been building worldwide for companies to provide a higher level of financial transparency. Read more >>>


Recommended Books

Brad Burton Get Off Your Arse Too

Get Off Your Arse Too – Brad Burton

Brad Burton is back, sharing his unique and raw look at life/business and how everything happens for a reason, even the shi**y stuff. You only realise how significant your decisions are when they are in your rear view mirror. GOYA Too is a self-help/biz book for people who DON’T like self-help/biz books! It’s a whole lot of honesty about some of the strokes you need to pull to get through those first few years of business… and then what the hell to do when you get there. Think about the best and worst day of YOUR life – they are still impacting on you, shaping who you are and the path you are currently walking. This book can shape the next part of you journey. Are you ready to change your life and fortunes for the better by ordering it now and GOYA? Or will you click and walk away and SOYA, complaining about the injustices if the world? Like everything in life… the decision is yours.


Pete Wilkinson Instoppable

Unstoppable: Using the Power of Focus to Take Action and Achieve Your Goals – Pete Wilkinson


Don′t just coast through life – power through. Stop making plans that don′t come to fruition. Everyone′s busy, but nobody′s getting much done. It′s time to start achieving our life goals and not letting life itself get in the way.


With training from accomplished business coach and endurance triathlete Pete Wilkinson, you′ll learn how to hone a razor sharp focus, keep driving through to the finishing line and become what you′ve always wanted to be. You′ll learn how to be more productive, expand your support system, and make things happen. You′ll discover your strengths and weaknesses, and how to leverage one and delegate the other. With a practical, straightforward action plan for life, Unstoppable will help you:

  • Gain a crystal–clear overall focus
  • Direct your attention to key areas of priority
  • Lead yourself and others more effectively
  • Make the most of each day′s 86,400 seconds
  • Improve personal and professional relationships

So, dust off your aspirations and drag them into the light. Get rid of the frustration, regain your focus, and start making your goals a priority. Unstoppable gives you a roadmap to your very best destination.


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