Build a business out of your DNA (Interview)

Linzi Boyd - ‎Author of Brand Famous

Linzi Boyd is a serial entrepreneur who set and up sold two businesses before the age of 24, her second company (a successful Footwear brand), which had seven global distribution channels, the shoes were recognised in the design Museum as design classics and Linzi sold the business to Caterpillar.

Now an international speaker, with engagements lined up in UK, Australia, Canada and the USA.

Watch Jon Covey interviewing Linzi in this video: Wath now >>>


Own a startup? You don’t have to hire a PR firm

Own a startup? You don’t have to hire a PR firm

PR for startups

Every day I meet people from different walks of life, working on all kinds of great ideas. Their passion and creativity is infectious. In fact, those two qualities encapsulate why I love working with startups.

Creativity and passion are essential parts of any successful business. But they’re not the only parts, and there are equally essential supportive elements within any business that need real consideration, time and strategy. PR is one of them.

I set up a consultancy to grow businesses through PR, but I don’t believe it’s always necessary for a new business to hire a PR firm. Read more >>>


Why is it important for leaders to manage egos?

Why is it Important for Leaders to Manage Egos?

“The ego is not master in its own house.” – Sigmund Freud

There are many historic examples of the consequences of actions but how many can be attributed to the ego of the leader?

One such historic action was that of US World War II General George Marshall. As the Allies were closing in on the Nazis, hindsight can teach us that his driving south slowed down the large eastward thrust, allowing the Russians to get to Berlin first. This then resulted in occupied a greater part of Europe, which remained so for 45 years. Read more >>>


Sales Bootcamp with Jon Covey

Sales Bootcamp with Jon Covey

Are you ready to overcome your sales fears, and win new business? Almost two decades of sales experience compressed into this one-day training.

Learn how to: Create more leads, Close more leads, Master the cold call, Craft a perfect sales script and more.

Jon will show you that we are all natural born sales people, and how you can activate the sales machine that sits dormant within you.

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