New decade… 2020 vision… New Year’s resolutions… By now, you’ve probably heard most of the well-worn soundbites surrounding the end of the year. However, how many of these well-intended plans actually develop into action for business owners?

It’s often said that people do not leave the job, they leave their leader. As a Business Coach, I often hear the words “would, could and should”. Whilst these may set the intention, the most important thing is what gets done, not what is intended.

There may be many things that need addressing or improving in order to develop yourself or your team, but in the words of Lao Tzu:

“The journey of a thousand miles starts with one small step.”

The top five indicators of stress on UK workers are all areas where you can make a positive difference. As a leader, being aware of this is a great start. Whether it’s in Staff Training, Business Coaching or Change Management, the failure to address these areas of discontent will severely hamper your efforts to run a settled and sustainable business.

Simply put, people will not stay in your company.

Team morale and sustainability are going to become increasingly critical in the immediate future. If leaders do not recognise the needs of the current and future generations, they won’t have a workforce.

Many sources of research suggest that an increasing number of younger people who come into the workplace have massively different expectations than those before them. Generation Z people, as they are characterized, will be much more in need of personal support.

What this means to you as a leader

In a series of articles that will follow, I will share the experiences and wisdom I have been fortunate to gather whilst working with organisations that absolutely understand and embrace the benefits of putting their people at the heart of their business.

There is also wisdom to be gained from meeting with organisations that see these benefits as a cost, rather than an investment.

For more information on reachable, achievable and hugely important New Year’s resolutions for business owners and leaders, give me a call for a free, no-obligation chat.

All Change:

Rob Knowles

Cubet delivers results by working with people (individuals, teams) to improve.As a result, the organisation always develops and delivers improved products and services.

Acting as a Critical Friend it brings challenge enabling you andyour people to achieve clarity and increased confidence by unlocking your and their potential potential.

It enables effective change. Most recently it has provided effective improvement through people to, among others. the National Skills Academy Process Industries, Remploy, Enterprise Employment and Training CIC, Nurture for Growth and Horizon Community Development Ltd and Benchmark Training Ltd.

Cubet is currently working with Stallard Kane, B&G HR, Knapton Wright, Papini, Unload and E-Mentor and the University of Lincoln.

Amongst Cubet's successfully delivered programmes are:
Addressing Workplace Silos
Advanced Communications
Coaching & Mentoring
Competence, Development & Management
Design & Delivery of Individual, Team deevlopment Programmes
Effective Change Programmes
Generating Ideas
Innovation isn’t Rocket Science
Mindsets, Mindfulness & Resilience
Relationship Management & Development
Support for newly promoted line managers
Team Building
Team Leader Development Programmes
Understanding and Implementing Competence Systems
Understanding and Managing Risk
Understanding and Implementing and Managing Change
Understanding Managaging and Maintaining Relationships
All Change:

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