Recently during a wider conversation with one of my clients, the question of research and development was raised.

It transpired that the company was eligible to apply for UK HMRC Research and Development Tax Relief.

Given that this is not an area I excel in, I sought out an associate who is an expert in this area.

Answering his simple questions below, my client was able to use my specialist associate to apply for R&D tax relief.

Currently, it is looking like there should be a substantial saving on the horizon.

So do you qualify for R & D Tax Relief?

If you own a limited company that has been trading for over 12 months, employ a minimum of 10 staff, and can answer YES to any of the following it is worth you having a free no obligation check on this, as my colleagues work on a no-win no-fee basis.

Q1. Have you made any bespoke products or customised products?

Q2. Have you developed new products or been involved in introducing them?

Q3. Have you carried out any design work in-house or subcontracted design?

Q4. Are you regularly problem-solving for customers’ needs?

Q5. Have you ever made any environmental improvement to your processes?

Q6. Have you consistently made improvements your manufacturing processes?

Q7. Have you developed or improved any software for your business?

If you can answer YES to any of the above questions, please contact (details below) me as you may be eligible for R & D Tax Credits.

Rob 07801 720074

All Change:

Rob Knowles

Cubet delivers results by working with people (individuals, teams) to improve.As a result, the organisation always develops and delivers improved products and services.

Acting as a Critical Friend it brings challenge enabling you andyour people to achieve clarity and increased confidence by unlocking your and their potential potential.

It enables effective change. Most recently it has provided effective improvement through people to, among others. the National Skills Academy Process Industries, Remploy, Enterprise Employment and Training CIC, Nurture for Growth and Horizon Community Development Ltd and Benchmark Training Ltd.

Cubet is currently working with Stallard Kane, B&G HR, Knapton Wright, Papini, Unload and E-Mentor and the University of Lincoln.

Amongst Cubet's successfully delivered programmes are:
Addressing Workplace Silos
Advanced Communications
Coaching & Mentoring
Competence, Development & Management
Design & Delivery of Individual, Team deevlopment Programmes
Effective Change Programmes
Generating Ideas
Innovation isn’t Rocket Science
Mindsets, Mindfulness & Resilience
Relationship Management & Development
Support for newly promoted line managers
Team Building
Team Leader Development Programmes
Understanding and Implementing Competence Systems
Understanding and Managing Risk
Understanding and Implementing and Managing Change
Understanding Managaging and Maintaining Relationships
All Change:

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