The round-the-clock innovation in technology has enticed many companies to up their budget in IT for the past recent years. Lots of enterprises owe their success since the technology industry starts developing various system and devices that provide convenience and hassle-free operations.

One of which is the cloud-based software system; this system hits its popularity on the corporate industry with its great advantage and purpose. Cloud is a very versatile system, as it can provide surprisingly huge storage ranging 10 to 100 petabytes and tools that can help make menial tasks more convenient yet more intutive. Faster deployment is also one of its advantages, as a cloud-based software it does not require the company to install it on individual PCs of their employees.

However, not all systems work perfectly. Behind the success of the cloud-based system as it is introduced is the difficulties involved. Issues in privacy and security risks can happen and since it can only be accessed through the internet, the productivity of the employees might be disrupted if they lost connection.

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Pros and cons of cloud software

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