It’s a big question and as you would expect, ROI varies from one what one business said worked for them and what another said did or didn’t.


ROI and Marketing Objectives

This is because how businesses and brands measure return on investment varies. But generally speaking, return on investment (ROI) is about how hard or successful marketing campaigns and individual tools work.

For every pound spent on created banners, how much business do they bring in? It might, however, not always be measured in pounds and pence. It could be measured in enquiries and leads.

Essential, how you measure ROI of offline marketing activities depends on the objectives of why you chose that offline marketing tool in the first place. For example;

  • Was the poster a means of attracting attention and more hits to your website?
  • Or was the direct mail campaign to increase footfall in your retail unit by 50%?

The examples could go on and on. So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular offline marketing tools for 2017.


Offline Marketing Tools

There are many new technologies, such as fabric printing, coming to the fore that effectively allow businesses even more choice when it comes to offline marketing tools. And with offline and online marketing dovetailing with a strong campaign strategy, ROI could surpass expectations.


#1 Direct Mail

Direct Mail

With 60% of recipients saying that direct mail does make an impression on them, direct mail is far from being dead. Online marketing experts have long believed in the myth that direct marketing has had its day but that is not what consumers are telling those brands that still actively market their business in this way.

There is a familiarity to mail dropping through the letterbox. Done right, it creates the all-important emotional connection between your brand and your customer.

A customer may not physically buy in the shop or visit your office but if that piece of direct mail serves as a prompt to visit your website, its goal is achieved.

However, as a note of caution, be clear about your customer demographic on this one as some customers are more receptive to this style of marketing than others.


#2 Adverts in Local Press

Another form of advertising that brands thought would have died a long time ago with the advent of the internet. And yet, we still see brands, from small local business to large, global companies, utilising the power of local press.

If there are still local newspapers and still brands advertising in them, there must still be scope surely for this kind of offline marketing?

Using research over a 5-year period, it would seem that for certain sectors and industries, advertising in the local press provides an uplift to sales, enquiries and so on. Again, your objectives to such an advertising campaign inform the key performance indicator being measured but if you want to cement your brand within a certain area or mount a geographic based campaign, the ROI on local press adverts can be significant.


#3 Poster Campaigns

And finally, poster campaigns are a popular means for brands, big and small, to place themselves before their customers.

Measuring ROI on posters comes down to ensuring there is some kind of hook on the poster or billboard that is a call to action for customers or fans to take the next step. There are amazing examples of well-thought poster campaigns that hit the marketing nail on the head.

As with adverts in papers, the power of print is amazing. Eye-catching campaigns can make a real difference and with the initial outlay being low, this form of offline advertising could bring a fantastic ROI for your brand, whether that is more customers or increasing brand recognition.

Poster Campaigns

#4 Business Cards

A well-designed business card, backed by a strong distribution campaign will yield results;

  • For every 2,000 cards distributed, there is an increase in sales of 2.5%


  • 80% of business cards are thrown within the first week

A good business card is one that hangs around and it seems that to avoid the catastrophe of your business card ending up in the bin, it needs to be of good quality materials as well as effectively designed so that invites people to keep hold of it.


What will 2018 bring in terms of marketing?

Online and offline marketing tools will remain essential for any business to continue evolving their marketplace position. Which tools will you be using?


Colour Graphics has long known the power of offline marketing and can only see it growing alongside online activities. To find more, connect with them on Twitter @ColourGraphics.

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