One of the fast-growing trends in today’s digital landscape is enterprise mobility, which has been brought about by the integration of mobile technology in the workplace in many industries – ranging from financial and healthcare to food service and hospitality – during the past decade for various reasons and purposes. Enterprise mobility has paved the way for a more streamlined approach to the workflow, communication, and task management, among other benefits.

With technology increasingly driving the global market expansion, mobility is a key priority to stay ahead of the competition and improve business processes. According to statistics, 71% of enterprises across the world regard mobility as a top priority and the market is anticipated to react a valuation of US$510.39 billion by the end of 2022. This will be further augmented as more and more technological advancements are drastically improving mobile usage and capabilities as we speak.

While this concept may not be new, there are still new changes that we haven’t seen before and are worth noting if you want to stay ahead in the game. Here are the latest shifts and trends that are bound to shape the global enterprise mobility landscape this year and beyond, as seen in this infographic by TeleMessage.

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TeleMessage has been providing state-of-the-art messaging solutions On-premises and in the Cloud for over 18 years. Their software has been successfully deployed and used by thousands of enterprises, trusted by dozens of telecom operators, reaching hundreds of millions of users and powering billions of messages through customers’ networks.

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