If you are interested how do consumers really want from Digital in 2017 we are presenting a very interesting infographic created by Code Computerlove team.

There are some interesting digital trends causing a big buzz in the brand world. But how do consumers feel about some of these technologies? And how do they want to interact with brands in this digital space?

Virtual reality and augmented reality dominate as two top-searched trends on Google. And whilst voice assistants haven’t been big in the news, customers interest in this technology is growing fast, with around 750,000 searches a month globally in the last year.

However, Code Computerlove surveyed 1,000 UK adults to find out which technologies consumers want to use in 2017 and the results are completely different than top-searched trends on Google.

Mobile Payments were classified as number one technology consumers are most likely to want to use when interacting with brands in 2017. Just 12.9% want to use augmented reality.

And what do consumers want from Digital in 2017?

The vast majority want improvements of the products and services they already use, better responsive consumer services and better information on the products.

Most of the consumers don’t plan to leave the digital world in 2017. Only 1 in 5 said they were looking to disconnect more this year, spending more time away from screens and interacting in the real world.


Digital Trends


Source: Code Computerlove




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