Newsflash: Not all heroes wear capes — some, like Amy Brown, manage social media for fast food restaurants, instead.

Now there are typical fast food restaurants whose social media teams focus solely on answering customer inquiries and promoting food, but the official Wendy’s Twitter account — an unexpected beacon of light in 2017 — has shown us that brands have the potential to do so much more.

After Twitter users recently discovered the account was epically clapping back to unsatisfied customers on the platform, the curious burger-lovers of the world began to wonder who exactly the masterminds behind the lol-worthy and seemingly unfiltered tweets are.

Turns out, Brown — who has been working for Wendy’s since 2012 and might just be one of the coolest damn people on the planet — along with her community response team of two other witty Wendy’s employees responsible for the hilarity.

After learning that Brown was behind the tweets that had the power to lift us up from darkness, we knew it was time to investigate.

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