Out with the old, in with the new. New plans, new goals, new wants and needs, yet the success rate on New Year’s resolutions are astonishingly low. 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail by February. Heres why…
Most resolutions aren’t resolutions, for clarity, the meaning of resolution is To make a firm decision to do or not to do something’ yet almost everyone approaches them with a wishy-washy approach.
I feel the bigger problem is that the resolution is just a nice idea, something that most would like to see happen, but have no real commitment towards it.
Also, another issue is that people focus on trying to change things that are outside of them, to ensure meaningful and lasting change, you need to start inside. Go to the root of the problem (Need a hand finding it, book a free call with me – click here). Trying to change whats happening outside of you will be as effective as you trying to change your reflection in a mirror with changing your actual appearance, nothings going to happen.
So if you’re serious about making 2018 the year that matters, then start from within, find the real desires, the driving force, find your WHY and then move into action.
Be sure you clearly identify what you want the result to be, otherwise how will you know if you achieve it or not. Also ensure you know the reason you’re aiming for this goal, your WHY, reasons will come first, answers will follow.
Have I missed anything out? Whats your thoughts about this?

Jon Covey

Multi Award Winning Speaker & Motivational Sales/Business Mentor JonCovey.com
Jon Covey is a multi award winning sales/trainer and serial entrepreneur based in Sheffield, United Kingdom. Who specialises in self development, personal development, executive business coaching and sales training.

Covey, captivates audiences with his 'do it anyway' style, working through business issues and topics to help individuals and businesses explode productivity and sales.

For over a decade and a half Jon has been working with companies large and small. He is a seasoned entrepreneur with many business ventures under his belt and he is not afraid to tell you about the failures as well as the successes.

What you get from working with Jon is a clear concise straight to the point program that delivers an end result that you only dreamed of. With financial, work, and personal areas of your life balancing, this gives you a real sense of fulfillment in your life.

He often shares his wisdom through many media channels, which instantly turn viral with others eager to learn from his creativity and style.

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